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Tender plants are likely to be eaten down to the stem. Therefore, they must satisfy some of their oxygen requirements by gulping air at the surface of the water. You can't seem to miss the kisser on this fish, but what you cannot see are the rows of fine teeth on the inside surface of those lips, which are used to graze on algae and vegetable matter. The green species is the naturally occurring coloration. This trait has been selectively bred for the aquarium trade, due to the color preference by owners. Spawning begins by circling, progressing to nudging and dancing, followed by an intense beating of tails and finally kissing. Unlike other labyrinth fish, kissers do not build elaborate bubble nests, although the male may blow bubbles randomly at the surface. It is commonly cultivated in the southern Indochina region as a food fish. A mottled or piebald variation is also sometimes seen for sale, however, it is less popular than the pink variety.

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